Group Training at Full Spectrum


Have a couple friends that you like training with? Or do you and a couple friends want to get in better shape as a team? Are you on a sports team and you and a teammate or two want to get faster and stronger for next season? If so then Group Training might be exactly what you've been waiting for!


  • Groups can be as small as 2 and as big as 8!

  • The more people you have, the less you pay!

  • Goals of the members of the group should be similar. The types of Group Training offered are: General Fitness, Weight Loss, Body Bulding, Toning, Range of Motion, and Sport Specific Athlete Training.

  • Stay motivated and have fun with having your friends and/or teammates right there beside you while training for the same fitness goals that you are.



For further information please call (226) 343-7544 or e-mail us at