1 on 1 Personal Training. Reach your goals as quick as possible in this private setting which allows the trainer to totally concentrate on the client they have in front of them. Session duration is either 1 hour or 30 minutes depending on what the client and trainer decide is best in order to reach their goals.



We offer Senior Specific Training at Full Spectrum. The word "senior" simply means people over the age of 50 in fitness terms. Senior Training Certifications are a fairly new thing to the fitness world but are rapidly becoming more popular. These courses give the trainer a in depth look at what the most important things are to remember and be catious of when doing physical training with this age population. When we're young we put our bodies through hell and back without worrying to much about the consequences later in life. Ask anybody who's done physical labour their whole life how their body feels on a day to day basis. Be proactive about things and start doing the right stuff now to keep your body going strong for years and years to come!



We offer the best Sports Specific Training in the Guelph area. With the newest and best equipment in speed and agility training and a great group of trainers who are all current or ex-athletes we are confident that we can offer second to none Sports Specific Training. We guarantee we can make you faster, stronger, and more agile for whatever your sport may be. We also have the ability to create high quality highlight tapes of an athletes season, and/or their training inside the studio. Looking to go to University to play on a Varsity sports team? We'll make you more than ready! 


Have a friend, or a couple friends who are serious about getting in shape? Have a teammate that has expressed interest in getting stronger and faster for the next season? If either of these apply to you than Group Training might be a great choice! Group Training is done in groups of two, three, or four. Session duration would usually be one hour unless otherwise decided by the group. Taking this route also makes the financial aspect of things easier by splitting the session costs evenly amonst the group.